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Network Services

In the current evolution of global economic activity, the interaction between economic activity, personal and professional development and quality of life is being enhanced by the unstoppable advance of information technologies, infrastructure, labour relations and corporate social responsibility.

As a result of all this, the network of entities involved in revitalising and adding value to the business parks of the Baix Empordà has, among its main services:

  • Support the implementation of new business initiatives in the business parks of the Baix Empordà.
  • To provide industrial ceiling solutions to local initiatives that need to evolve and resize their workspaces.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and new business opportunities in the territory.
  • Facilitate and promote the attraction of initiatives wishing to set up in the Baix Empordà.
  • Promote the modernisation and enhancement of the region’s business parks as areas for generating wealth and employment.
  • To give visibility and projection to the territory as an ideal scenario for combining economy, business and quality of life.

Commitment to the evolution of the territory

Involvement with businesses and employment

Attraction of new business investment

Support to promote a new model

The entities promote this network through the local development agents of each municipality, in such a way that the joint vision prevails in order to act at a local level with all the resources of the Baix Empordà as a whole.