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The Network

The network of Baix Empordà entities in the field of business parks is articulated under a unified governance pact, resolving the complexity of the diversity of recurring problems in each territory, highlighting the political will to promote the economic development of the territory.

The 40 business parks in the Baix Empordá require a more than necessary coordination and public-private collaboration for the sake of cohesive economic development, to turn them into ideal spaces for the settlement and evolution of all the business initiatives that require it.

The future evolution of the Baix Empordà’s industrial parks calls for a scenario of public-private collaboration to facilitate their development and establishment as areas of special value for new labour and business relations.

The aim is to create a discontinuous business area that groups together all the industrial land for its management through a public-private partnership, collective, asymmetrical and highly efficient formula.

This network, led by the Consell del Baix Empordà, also has the involvement and close participation of all the municipalities that make it up, and is also open to the incorporation of private initiative, being aware that they are an essential part of the management and development of these areas of economic activity.

This network seeks to become an evolutionary model that, starting from a simple collaborative space, can give rise to a structure of greater potential and visibility to meet all the needs that may be demanded in the future by all the companies that set up in one of these business parks.